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Managed Care ~ Coordinated Services

Bluegrass Independent Case Management provides services to persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Case Managers and non-Case Managers work together to insure wrap-around care.

Bluegrass Independent Case Management helps support individuals with disabilities with the highest level of independence, empowering them to become self-advocates within their communities.

Our agency believes in helping individuals to start new journeys, achieve dreams and desires in their lives because “we care.”

Bluegrass Independent CaseManagement truly believes in taking a personal approach to getting to know our individuals, which help us to connect to each person in a meaningful way. We want to help them live fulfilled and independent lives filled with choices.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated team of case managers, and our administrative support personnel

work together to meet the needs of clients and their families.

Steven Cheatham, Executive Director

Steven Cheatham, Executive Director

Steven Cheatham is from a small town in Kentucky, Columbia KY. Steven is the founder and current Executive Director of Bluegrass Independent Case Management. He does continue to carry a caseload and provide conflict-free case management services in Bowling Green as well as various counties throughout the state of Kentucky. Steven has a background in both social work and sociology and is currently working on a Master’s in Psychology. Steven has over 20 years of experience providing services in different capacities of the (HCBS) waiver in Kentucky. He is passionate about advocating for individuals’ rights and their ability to live their best, least restrictive lives in the community.


Denise Cheatham, CM Supervisor

Denise Cheatham, CM Supervisor
Denise Cheatham is a Case Manager/Case Manager Supervisor. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Western Kentucky University. Denise is passionate about advocating for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and networking with team and community members to enhance the lives of others.

Sterling Tarrence, CM


Sterling Tarrence, CM
Sterling Tarrence has lived in Bowling Green for more than 16 years. Sterling is married to Jacinta Tarrence and they have three children (Saleem, Vayani and Allana). Sterling has worked for Bluegrass Independent Case Management for 4 years as a Case Manager. In his spare time, Sterling runs a basketball program called “T1R1” which trains and tutors kids to be successful in life through basketball.

Ashli James, CM

Ashli James, CM
Ashli James is a Case Manager for Bluegrass Independent Case Management. Ashli was born and raised in Bowling Green, KY. She graduated from Western Kentucky University. Ashli has been working with adults with mental and physical disabilities since 2013. Ashli loves working with her clients and watching them achieve new accomplishments. She is married with 1 child and loves spending all of her free time with her son making lots of new memories! She also enjoys gardening and doing lots of DIY projects!

Cathy Parker, CM

Cathy Parker, CM
Cathy Parker is a Case Manager. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2002 from WKU. Cathy is passionate about advocating for human rights; especially for women and children. Cathy works in collaboration with team members to provide an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to navigate SCL waiver services and be active members in their community. Cathy assists individuals to help them connect with providers, services and resources to assist with achieving goals. Cathy advocates for the individual to ensure the ongoing satisfaction of services and quality of supports.

Shanda Spencer, Financial/Budget Manager

Shanda Spencer is an experienced Financial/Budget Manager. She has experience with the functions of payroll and Human Resources. She is a 2012 graduate of Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, NC with a Master’s of Accountancy. She has experience across many different business types including corporate, institutional, and small business. She is currently working on her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.

LaDerickia Amos, CM

LaDerickia Amos is a Case Manager with Bluegrass Independent Case Management. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science with a concentration in Health Services Leadership and Management from Western Kentucky University. She has always enjoyed helping others. LaDerickia is passionate about supporting and advocating for individuals with Developmental and/or Intellectual Disabilities. During her time at Bluegrass Independent Case Management, LaDerickia has had the opportunity to network and build rapport with clients, agencies, and team members to provide Person-Centered Services designed for the participant.

Jenna Craig

Jenna grew up in Shelbyville, KY, where she started her love for working with individuals with intellectual disabilities. As a teacher’s aide in the special education classroom, she knew this was the field she wanted to make a career in. Jenna moved to Bowling Green to attend WKU in 2006.  She interned for a year at DCBS, where she gained experience within the social service field. After graduating with her BA in Sociology in 2009, Jenna decided to stay in Bowling Green. She worked at Lifeskills Industries as a Vocational Counselor from 2009-2014 doing job placement. Then, Jenna  moved into the role of Vocational Development Manager from 2014-2021, where she managed 4 Day Training locations and Community Access services. Jenna has three children, Jacob, Jackson, and Natalie and is married to her husband, Ben.  In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her children, traveling and being active in her community.

Tai-Ann Chumney MSW, CSW

Tai-Ann Chumney is a Certified Social Worker (CSW), who provides Case Management for Michelle P Waiver (MPW) and Supported Community Living (SCL) participants.  She has a Masters of Social Work (MSW) from Spalding University. Tai-Ann is passionate about advocating for individuals with special needs, as well as, coordinating services, supports, and services for participants being served.

Valerie Landrum

Valerie Landrum has been a case manager with Bluegrass Independent Case Management for the last 5 years and has a Bachelor’s degree in English Secondary Education from Western Kentucky University. Valerie has almost 10 years of experience advocating for both adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Michelle P. and Supports for Community Living Waivers. She is passionate about advocating for individual’s rights and dreams to include helping participants pursue higher education schooling, obtain driver’s licenses, petition for their full rights, find community employment, and thrive independently in their own apartments in the community.


Case Management Providers will initiate and maintain compliance to be sure that our clients receive SCL and MPW services.


Case Managers participate in team meetings including the POC with all service providers. They record and maintain support documents to keep in compliance to insure the proper medical coverage.


At Bluegrass, case managers and non-case managers work together to insure the best outcomes for everybody entrusted to our care.

Bluegrass Independent Case Management Helps Keep the Safety Net Secure

 The Michelle P. Waiver, or MPW program, provides assistance to individuals with intellectual or development disabilities and is designed to help them live in the community as independently as possible. Services include but are not limited to: Behavioral Supports, Day Traininng, Environmental and Minor Home Adaption, Personal Care, and Respite. MPW clients must meet the eligibility requirements established by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. 

Supports for Community Living, or SCL, offers an alternative to institutionalization. The focus of SCL is to allow people who meet the requirements for residence in an Intermediate Care Facility, and are eligible for Medicaid, to live safely in their homes. SCL Services include Adult Day Health Care, Transition Services, Shared Living, Employment, Transportation, and a variety of other programs.

Our team of dedicated Case Managers will help clients and their families navigate and comply with programs that provide the services they need to thrive.




Stronger Together


We at Bluegrass Independent CaseManagement coordinate supports for Community Living and Michelle P. Waiver participants in all aspects of their lives

We offer services that support, educate and connect individuals to their community in various ways.

Bluegrass Independent CaseManagement works hard to integrate individuals with disabilities into jobs and volunteering in their communities. We assist our individuals to become involved with people in their communities to help develop meaningful relationships.

Is to provide services that are catered to each individual with highest level of respect and dignity. We feel all people deserve to be respected and valued. We assist our individuals with supports to help them live meaningful and enriched lives

 We Are

Individuals should be provided the opportunity for self-direction, as well as the ability of informed choice.